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Located in Portland Oregon


If you do one thing for your health at least make it taste good! 

The Mission

To nourish your mind, body and lifestyle.

My Values

Where Nutrition and Culinary Meet

Sustainable Living

When it comes to food I value QUALITY over QUANTITY. I believe in the slow food approach, and love putting a health conscious twist on the traditional dishes you love.


It is my belief that when we eat what is in season and available local we are better supporting our bodies needs.


When shopping the first choice is always organic. I make an effort to support the local small farms, and businesses that share these values.

In the kitchen I strive to prepare the most flavorful, nutrient-dense food possible. In my food you will not find any preservatives, corn syrup, inflammatory oils or synthetic dyes.


Food should fuel the body and not slow it down.

In my food you will find healthy fats, Omega-3s, essential amino acids, and adaptogens that will help keep you feeling your best. 


It's time to stop worrying about what's for dinner and let me take care of you.

About KE
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