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  • Who is this for?
    Kitchen Enrichments is a meal prep service is for anyone who understands that the food we eat directly influences all aspects of our health. Meal prep eliminates the overwhelming feelings of making the decision of what to eat on a daily basis. Our service ensures you are able to quickly put a meal on the table without sacrificing other important aspects of life. Meal prep is for anyone looking for a lil peace of mind when it comes to having nutrient dense foods that fit your dietary needs. This service is for anyone who wants to feed their family healthy foods but feels like they don't have the time or energy at the end of the day Meal prep is great for anyone recovering from an illness or injury and wants to eat food that will aid the body's natural healing process. It is for soon-to-be moms, and new moms, who need nourishing foods now more than ever. We will even make you baby food upon request! Kitchen Enrichments meal prep is for anyone who wants to forget about dieting, eat locally and seasonally, lower their carbon footprint and start feeling their best!
  • What is the Service Area?
    We currently offer Meal Prep to Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, and parts of Portland. We are not currently offering delivery to Vancouver, Gresham or Happy Valley.
  • How are meals packaged?
    All of our meals are packaged in glass reusable containers. Meals are typically packaged family style with sauces and condiments packaged on the side. Upon request meals can be packaged in single serving containers for easy grab and go meals. All containers are labeled and reheat instructions are provided. All you need to do is wash the containers so they are ready for use the following week. When you begin service with us we ask for a $125 non-refundable fee for use and maintenance associated with the glass containers.
  • What quality of ingredients do you use?
    All of our proteins are organic and or grass-fed / pasture raised. Our seafood selection is based on local seasonal availability and we strive to always choose wild / line caught seafood. All of our vegetables are either certified organic or from local farms that use best practices. Our local farm partners include Gathering Together Farm, Santos Family Farm, Riverland Family Farms, Greens Bridge Gardens, and Bridgetown Mushrooms. When we are unable to get what we need from the farmers markets we shop at Whole Foods, New Seasons and Natural Grocers in order to get the highest quality ingredients available. None of our meals include refined sugars, artificial ingredients, "natural flavors", canola oil, or heavily processed ingredients. Our meals always start from fresh whole ingredients, that includes our bone and vegetable broths!
  • Can you accommodate food allergies?
    Absolutely! Chef Mikaela has worked with many complicated & restrictive diets and will strive to ensure all your needs & taste buds are being satisfied!
  • Can you accomate low FODMAPS?
    Yes! We are very familiar with the low FODMAP diet and can help guide you through the elimination and introduction phases. This level of service is a lot more involved than our standard packages and will require frequent communications between client and chef. Please reach out to Mikaela directly to further discuss your needs. Check out our Low FODMAP guide
  • Do you offer a plant-based meal plan?
    Yes! Many of our meals are plant-forward and can be made fully plant based. However we do not use meat alternatives such as beyond meat or other heavily processed ingredients. Our meals come from fresh whole ingredients in order to provide you with the most flavorful nutrient dense meals possible.
  • Are your meals calorie controlled?
    No, simply because we do not believe in calorie counting. When eating from our meal plans you are eating clean, whole foods that are nutrient dense and have been appropriately portioned for your family size.
  • Why subscription based? Why can't I just order when I want service?
    We are subscription based for 2 reasons. The first and primary reason is that we believe the biggest health changes come from eating clean, nutritious food on a consistent basis. Secondly, cooking for you on a regular basis ensures we are able to get to know your taste preferences to best serve you and your family.
  • What is the minimum commitment for a subscription?
    There is no minimum commitment to sign up for a subscription. You are free to sign up and cancel anytime without charge (provided you give at least 7 days notice).
  • What is the cancelation policy?
    To pause or cancel the subscription we require at least 7 days notice prior to the delivery date to avoid being charged.

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