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The Best Fall Stuffing

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Thanksgiving just got a bit more exciting! We believe we've nailed it with this savory sweet rendition of a classic stuffing, highlighting the best of what fall has to offer.

Stuffing Recipe

Yield: 5qt casserole dish

Serves: 10-12 people


2 loaves Italian bread or sourdough bread, crusts removed, medium diced or torn

2 cups butternut squash, peeled and medium diced

1 cup kabocha squash, peeled and medium diced

1-2 TBSP exotica spice (toasted and ground coriander, fennel seed, cumin)

2 cups celery, small diced

2 cups apple, peeled, small diced

2 cups yellow onion, small diced

4 cups turkey broth

1 # Pork sausage, cooked

1/4 cup hard herbs: sage, rosemary, thyme, finely chopped

Pork Sausage:

1# ground pork

½ cup yellow onion, brunoise

1-2 garlic cloves, minced

1-2 TBSP maple syrup

3 TBSP Exotica spice

About 1 TBSP salt

Exotica Spice:

2 TBSP cumin seed

2 TBSP coriander seed

2 TBSP fennel seed

2 TBSP caraway seed

1. Toasted seeds in a pan on the stove top over medium heat for about 5 minutes, watching carefully. The seeds will start to pop / jump and give off a nutty aroma. Remove seeds immediately from the pan and finely grind in a spice grinder.


  1. Stale the diced Italian bread overnight uncovered on a sheet tray at room temperature

  2. Roast diced butternut and kabocha squash with avocado oil, salt and exotica spice

  3. Roast diced apple with avocado oil, salt and exotic spice

  4. Saute celery and onion with avocado oil, salt and a pinch of exotica spice until translucent - set aside for stuffing.

  5. Saute onion and garlic with avocado oil, salt and a pinch of exotica spice until translucent. Set aside for sausage and cool to room temperature.

  6. Mix all sausage ingredients together in a mixing bowl, make a tester patty, taste and adjust seasoning if needed.

  7. In a large rondeau brown the pork sausage, working on batches if necessary.

  8. Mix all ingredients with stock in a extra large mixing bowl (bread should absorb most of the liquid)

  9. Bake in a buttered casserole dish at 325 degrees for 45 minutes or until golden brown on top.


  1. Alternatively you can stuff your turkey, and bake the remainder of the stuffing in a casserole dish.

Stuffing before it has been baked

The stuffing should be quite wet and pressed into the baking dish to prevent it from drying out in the oven .

Stuffing before it has been baked
Stuffing before it has been baked

Stuffing after baking

Baked Stuffing
Baked Stuffing

Want to get real crazy? Try Breaking down your turkey!

That's right we said it!! No one likes a dry turkey, and by breaking down the giant bird you gain control over the cooking process and speed up the cook time. Really it's a win-win since most of the time the bird hits the table already sliced.

Lay your turkey breasts over the stuffing and bake until the turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Bake the remaining parts of the turkey on a lined sheet tray or baking dish, basting with the juices as needed.

Stuffing with Turkey Breasts

Stuffing with Sliced Turkey

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