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Figs & Prosciutto - Three ways

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Satisfy your tastebuds with one of our fig and prosciutto recipes, the perfect combination of sweet and salty. When selecting fruit look for the sweetest smelling, ripened figs during the late summer to fall. If you begin with fresh, high quality ingredients, you are bound to enjoy the act of simple eating more, than if you were to use generic out of season ingredients.

There is a difference between buying the most expensive ingredients and the highest quality ingredients. You must inspect your food, and hand select what looks, and smells the best. It may not be the most well know brand, but the small local farmers food that belongs on the table.

A variety of sizes and colors is always more fun.

Consider what you are going to be using the ingredients for, if you are looking for a whimsical garnish of fennel, select the smaller baby fennel. If you want some depth to the plate, grab a variety of sizes of figs and plums, then cut them into halves and quarters.

Check out our 3 variations of how to eat figs and prosciutto. Let us know which version is your favorite!

Sweet and Simple

A salty sweet combination brought to life with a bright and crunchy salsa verde

For the adventurous

A salad that checks all of the texture and flavor profile boxes. Farro is an ancient grain high in protein and fiber, with a nutty flavor and chewy texture. Search for a artisan made ricotta and freshly sliced prosciutto.

For the Foodie

As if late summer fell onto a plate


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